As a photographer, the inspiration for my work flows from the incredible splendor discovered in nature and the haunting beauty found in the fragility of the human soul. This is where my personal expression of Art is formed: at the crossroads of where these two significant manifestations of the universe meet.

To me, humanity and nature are indivisible. Always connected. Never separate. That is why the main theme and motivation behind my Art is to uncover and share the beautiful and mysterious relationship between these two universal elements.
Ideas often come to me in my dreams. Inspiring my artistic quest and informing the first steps of each creative journey I take. This has now become a conscious part of my creative process. For as I grow in awareness, the more vivid and distinct my dreams become. And I recognize this as an important part of my conversation with the world.

My excitement is driven by the spontaneity of the moment. Which is why I almost never make use of studio lighting. Preferring to capture what the universe gives us naturally. I especially love those rare minutes of “in between” that can only be glimpsed when the world is going to sleep and waking up at the same time: at dusk and dawn, where light is in the midst of transition. This is where I discover and convey the brilliance of nature and the singular uniqueness of the human soul.

When the world is dimly lit, the slightest instance of color explodes out of shadow to make us keenly aware of its presence and importance. It lifts us.

It calms us. It makes us pause. It forces us to contemplate our sense of self in the very moment that we are in. It is the most natural form of instant meditation available to us. Therefore, through my work I make the humble attempt to capture these perfect moments so that we can all share in them.

By its very nature a perfect moment is transient – a few seconds of inattention and it slips away – fleeting - like all things of true beauty. The special light that lives in these moments is mystical and ever elusive. To find it and get its permission to record it in a single snapshot is not an easy task. It requires patience, concentration, and the ability to remain open to what the world is trying to allow me to see. This is the key to my creativity.

As a recent immigrant to this wonderful country I have been overwhelmed by Canada’s stunning beauty. The gift of nature that is all around us has completely stolen my heart. As does, the open, welcoming blend of cultural possibility. I feel my Russian spirit in all things I do and yet recognize the burgeoning sense of limitless possibility that is the Canadian growing within me.

As I take each step on my path I invite you to share in my journey. And sincerely hope that you discover value in my desire to show the confluence of beauty that is the majesty of nature and the tenderness and vulnerability of the human soul.

Written by Anton Mattadeen, Whisper Transmedia.

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