Misha von Shlezinger isa Toronto-based art and portrait photographer. She draws her inspiration from avariety of contemporary sources like the Scandinavian electro sounds of Röyksopp,avant-garde visual arts, evocative cinematography and emerging street fashion. 

Hersignature “dark beauty” style employs decadent aesthetics, highlighting theinconsistencies and duality of human nature. Other themes the run through herwork include neurodivergence, social justice, queer rights, and climate change.

Growing up in anacademic family, Misha had an insatiable curiosity for arts and culture,completing a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages. 

Once a news editor and copywriter, shefound her true calling in professional photography, completing a degree at theprestigious FAMU International in Prague. Ever the activist, she landed aneditorial photographer role at one of the pillars of Moscow’s LGBTQ+ community,Kvir Magazine before moving to Toronto in 2010.

Her Toronto-based clientshave included Airbnb Corp., Waddington’s Auctioneers and Appraisers, GeorgeBrown College, Next Models Canada, Grapes for Humanity, Real Sports Bar, InsomniaRestaurant and more. 

Misha has participated in various exhibitions and art shows, including theArtist Project, and her works have been featured in many publications,including ELLE, The Globe & Mail, MOB, Elegant and Confetti Magazine.

Misha works from her spaciousstudio loft in the High Park area that provides exceptional natural lightingand is available for shoots in the GTA, Canada and abroad.

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